Buthus tamulus insect toxin

RN = 0
SY = ButaIT toxin
HM = *Scorpion Venoms
SO = BMC Biochem 2001;2(1):16
FR = 1
NO = a lepidopteran-selective toxin (Buthus tamulus insect toxin; ButaIT) from the venom of South Indian red scorpion, Mesobuthus tamulus; a single polypeptide composed of 37 amino acids cross-linked by four disulfide bridges with high sequence homology to other short toxins such as Peptide I, neurotoxin P2, Lqh-8/6, chlorotoxin, insectotoxin I5A, insect toxin 15 and insectotoxin I1; amino acid sequence in first source
DA = 20021231
UI = C469905

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