DUSP13 protein, mouse

SY = TMDP protein
SY = dual specificity phosphatase 13 protein, mouse
SY = DUSP13 protein, human
SY = dual specificity phosphatase 13 protein, human
HM = *Phosphoprotein Phosphatase
HM = *Protein-Tyrosine-Phosphatase
SO = Biochem J 1999 Dec 15;344 Pt 3:787-95
FR = 1
NO = a dual-specificity enzyme (EC and (EC activities; may be involved in the regulation of MEIOSIS and/or differentiation of testicular germ cells during SPERMATOGENESIS; exhibits intrinsic phosphatase activity towards both phospho-seryl/threonyl and -tyrosyl residues of myelin basic protein, with similar specific activities in vitro; amino acid sequence in first source; GenBank AB027003 (mouse), AB027004 (human); RefSeq NM_016364 (human), NM_013849 (mouse)
DA = 20000313
MR = 20031223
UI = C405070

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