HBP-1b protein, plant

RN = 142008-50-2
SY = HBP-1b transcription factor, plant
SY = HBP-1b(c38) protein, plant
SY = NBP-1b protein, plant
SY = transcription factor HBP-1b, plant
HM = *DNA-Binding Proteins
HM = *Nuclear Proteins
HM = *Plant Proteins
HM = *Transcription Factors
II = Leucine Zippers
SO = Embo J 1991; 10(6):1459
SO = Plant J 2001 Sep;27(6):529-38
FR = 14
NO = binds the hexamer motif, ACGTCA of wheat histone gene promoters; also binds the hexamer motif in the promoter of the 35S RNA gene of cauliflower mosaic virus, whereas HBP-1a does not; serves both negative and positive regulatory roles in mediating plant defense responses; amino acid sequence given in first source; see also record for HBP-1
DA = 19910607
MR = 20040929
UI = C068757

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