hemoglobin Madrid 2

RN = 0
SY = Hb F-Madrid 2
HM = *Fetal Hemoglobin
HM = *Hemoglobins, Abnormal
SO = Ann Hematol 2003 Mar;82(3):181-3
FR = 1
NO = a structural hemoglobin variant of (G)gamma with two amino acid replacements in cis found in the umbilical cord blood of a neonate in Madrid, Spain; two new mutations in cis on (G)gamma chain of fetal hemoglobin: (G gamma 50(D1)Ser to Cys) and (G gamma 75(E19)Ile to Thr); Hb F-Madrid is also available with a different mutation
DA = 20030505
MR = 20030505
UI = C473627

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