lipopolysaccharide-binding protein

RN = 0
SY = LPS-binding protein
SY = LBP protein, human
SY = lipopolysaccharide binding protein, human
SY = LPS-binding protein, human
SY = Lbp protein, mouse
SY = lipopolysaccharide binding protein, mouse
SY = Ly88 protein, mouse
SY = Lbp protein, rat
SY = lipopolysaccharide binding protein, rat
HM = *Acute-Phase Proteins
HM = *Carrier Proteins
HM = *Membrane Glycoproteins
II = Lipopolysaccharides
SO = J Exp Med 1989;170(4):1231
FR = 435
NO = an acute phase reactant that may modulate the biochemical & biological properties of lipopolysaccharides in vivo; binds to the lipid a moiety of bacterial lipopolysaccharides (LPS), a glycolipid present in the outer membrane of all Gram-negative bacteria; The LBP/LPS complex may be involved in immune response by interacting with the CD14 receptor; amino acid sequence has been determined; RefSeq NM_004139 (human), NM_008489 (mouse), NM_017208 (rat)
DA = 19891101
MR = 20040914
UI = C061257

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